Better Call Phil

It’s been six months since my last post. I know I should be putting content out there every day, but I am happy to lead a quiet, private life instead.

I did publish “Day Trip to Deerfield” in the Berkshire Edge magazine (Out and About) in May:

I had seen the “Unnamed Figures” exhibit in New York prior to writing the piece. 

The good people who run Paran Recreations at Lake Paran in North Bennington had a great idea: erect two illustrated informational panels at the lake, one about the history of the lake, one about its ecology. They applied for and won a grant to finance the project and unveiled the results last summer. 

I always approach a local panel with dread at what I will discover. The committee spent the grant funds on some first-rate mounts and printing, but enlisted a local college student as a volunteer to write the text (I have been informed). The editorial committee approved it, even though the name of the organization was misspelled and the word “incredible” was used five times in a row to describe species that dwell in or by the lake. I brought these shortcomings to the attention of the organization and got an estimate on new panels ($900). I volunteered my time to correct and as necessary rewrite the texts. The board met to consider matters. Their representative told me that they are “comfortable” with the present panels. I don’t have the energy to fight this one. I avert my eyes from the panels when I go for a swim. I have been considering changing the name of my business to “Better Call Phil.”

The Curator of the Bennington Museum does call me. I am always delighted to help the Museum as a volunteer, and I enjoy previewing (and reviewing) the wall labels for the always-intriguing exhibits. “Vermont Rocks” is on right now.

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