It’s out!

It’s out! A Guide to the Battle of Bennington and the Bennington Monument, 56 pages long and illustrated with 37 color maps, photographs, and artworks, was published on Battle Day itself (August 16) by West Mountain Press and is now available in outlets in Bennington and Manchester, Vermont, and online through the Northshire Bookstore ( A local paper quoted me as follows: “I thought,” says Holland, “that visitors to Bennington – and all of us who live here, for that matter – needed a popular guide to a battle that helped shape the course of American history. The more I learned about it myself, the more fascinated I became. The personalities, tactics, and the way the fighting played out in real time – if I were making a movie of it, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

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I had a great time researching it, writing it, finding the images I wanted to use, and playing a bit part in putting it all together – the major role once again went to Leslie Noyes, who designed a really attractive book. She also suggested my hiring the drone photographer (David Barnum) who took the top cover photo of the landscape around the Monument and a great one inside closer up. Now, to sell them (you may also order direct from me: $12.95 plus $3.99 first-class shipping, payable by check to me at 72 Grouse Lane, Shaftsbury, VT 05262; VT residents add 78 cents sales tax).

I promised a bibliography. Here it is:

This bibliography is divided into four parts: 1) on the Battle and related matters 2) on Daniel Redding 3) On the Bennington Monument 4) on Grandma Moses.

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