More Voice and Word

It’s been a while! I’ve been too busy to post (so I tell myself). Since my last entry I’ve written two more issues of, which is doing nicely in the marketplace. The head of the Williamstown Chamber of Commerce recently called our office to reserve ad space for next year. She had observed the brisk “grab-rate” for the magazine at Chamber’s visitor center and wanted to be in on the action. I get hardly any feedback from readers, so I’ll take solace in the grab-rate. Pick up a free copy in the Berks (many outlets) or in Bennington County (at the Potters or the Northshire, for instance). You can also read the latest issue online at

I haven’t had time for freelance work other than occasional audio recordings for Greek studios. I have delivered a couple of lectures in recent months, though, one, on Robert Frost, to the Jewish Federation of the Berkshires, the other, on the black presence at the Battle of Bennington, to the Massachusetts Historical Society in Boston.

I haven’t decided what to “tackle” next, other than reviewing a book on the Saratoga campaign and writing an article on Robert Frost’s relations with Bennington College, both for the Walloomsack Review, and I have three months to complete them. 

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